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The folks at SOFOMARIN in France (supplier to Amel for PVC manifolds for the 55, 50, & 60) and I have been working on a PVC Secondary Saltwater Manifold in PVC for late model SM's.


The original Saltwater manifold looks like this:


The Secondary Saltwater Manifold we are designed looks similar to this, but assembled by gluing and welding. In the photo below parts are taped together.


What I would like to do is to have 1 or 2 SM owners order and install the above design (see attached proforma). I am 99% sure it will work, but you never know. In case there are any issues, it would be best if an owner of a SM located in France or Europe is the first to try. The cost of the manifold complete is 437.36 euro less 15% or 371.76 euro. This includes 1 meter of 35mm wire reinforced hose to replace the secondary manifold to the primary manifold is included. That hose is hard to find.


Please let me know if you will be the first to try this.

Regarding the Amel 54 Secondary Saltwater Manifold, a 54 owner is ordering it and as soon as I know there are no problems, I will release order information here.


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