Re: Fw: Deck repairs for an SM ( and other Amels )

Craig Briggs

I'll second Jean-Pierre's endorsement of "Captain Tolley's (Amazing) Creeping Crack Cure" !  
15 years or so on our hairline leaks of windows and still bone dry!

That being said, I recall discussion from, I think, Joel, that the "faux teak" gelcoat was often painted a bit too thick and can crack, but there is a proper thickness of white under it. I suspect the cracks in the brown do not go through the underlying white, much less through the laminate and into the balsam core. 

Ian, have you actually discovered sections of soggy balsa core, or just observed the surface cracks in the faux teak layer?
-- Craig
SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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