novice problem

Matti Lohikoski

Dear Amelians,
I have just acquired Borador, my first real sailing vessel.(I have had a Beneteau for 20 years but the feeling is quite, quite different)
Following this very informative group I asked Olivier to do the survey and I got a long but fortunately not too severe list of defects.
Quite happy with his assistance.

I'm planning to sail Borador from Valencia to Finland beginning April when the sea ice is melting here.

I must have a closed Bimini made in Valencia. Without being there, due to current European situation, I have to trust a lot to sailmaker.
The many pictures in this site have been very helpful. 
Nacho is suggesting to put a U shaped tube fastened to deck close to mizzen mast.
I am more in favour of connecting this tube to mizzen stays like #299 but Nachos opinion is that the stays are moving and its not a good solution.
Unfortunately I must do it now, it can be a bloody cold journey. 

May I have your opinion which way to go.

Sincerely yours

Matti Lohikoski

SM2K #398


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