New owner of SM#121


Hi all,

I am the excited new owner the Amel Super Maramu #121.

Olivier surveyed my boat in La Rochelle earlier this month. I'm the "young man" he refers to at the end of the Zoom meeting last week :) .
He was so helpfull during the survey, took a lot of time to explain everything. I am very grateful to him.

I've also been reading many many threads from the archives of this groups. This is a gold mine ! Thank you all for this.

So my SM#121 is from 1994. She has been sitting at Amel's pontoon in La Rochelle for many years, her last two owners having used her as an apartment.
The engine is around 1132h (only 100h since 2013), 318h for the genset, and 9h for the watermaker... Turbo is blocked, water pump is missing, batteries are dead, main furling motor not working, aircond not working, etc, etc... yes, I've got some work here, but I'm very excited. Apart from some (important) technical parts, she's in very good condition.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll save a lot of time thanks to all you experienced owners around here !


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