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That pump from TF is a very good pump.
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On Sat, Jan 23, 2021 at 5:51 AM Jérémy Lajotte, <jeremy@...> wrote:

I don't have a freshwater pump in the Super Maramu I just bought (The previous owner lived in the port, the pump broke and he just took it out). So one of the first jobs I'm going to have to do on this vessel is to install a new pump!

I believe I read somewhere that Amel is now installing TF Marine HA 80 pumps with a 5L butyl tank as a replacement for a broken pump in these vessels. Does anyone have this model on board?

Hydro-A Compact Water Pressure System

What are the reasons or motivations for switching to the diaphragm pump?

What are the main complaints you have about the original pump that make you look for a different type of pump as a replacement?

Thanks for sharing your opinions!


Le 16/01/2021 à 18:41, Ian Townsend a écrit :
We would like to convert to a diaphragm type fresh water pump. We are looking two options right now.  Shurflo Aqua King II 4.0 gpm (55 PSI sealed switch, shutoff at 3.8 bar, ) and Seaflo Series 54 5.0 gpm (adjustable switch).

1. Is there another pump you have experience with that you would recommend?
2. Given the old FEIT/AMFA pump was 15/30, should I even consider the Aqua King with set cutoff PSI of 55?

Many thanks.


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