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Matt Salatino

I’d have to guess cleaning would not be necessary. The problems emanate from moist air getting in the tank. I imagine your bladder isn’t vented, and flattens as it empties? If so, there isn’t a daily air exchange, so moisture should not condense inside, so nothing to feed the creepy crawlies that grow in fuel.
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On Jan 23, 2021, at 10:30 PM, Thomas Kleman <lorient422@...> wrote:

Many/most of us have a COVID related "change of plans" story, but ours included 28 days nonstop Panama to Nuku Hiva, 8 days in Nuku, then 14 days Nuku to Hawaii. We had been Caribbean based our first 9 years of cruising so the distances in the Pacific intimidated us enough to buy a 100 liter fuel bladder to supplement our 10 jerry cans. Of course we used about 20 pct of all this fuel - the first fuel used being from the bladder so I could get it off the cabin top behind the mizzen. That was 8 months ago. I got all the fuel out of it (I hope) and stored it nicely folded back in it's nifty plastic bag. I did nothing to clean it as I had no idea how to and other priorities emerged like finding a place which would take us.

I'm very cautious about fuel; straining everything first, Biobor, changing filters neurotically, etc.) I've read accounts on this site regarding various fuel goblins and problems of that nature and don't want these issues on L'ORIENT. Should I be worried about using this bladder for my return trip to FP from Hawaii (14 days); can/should it be cleaned ? If so, how ? I just have no experience using this a second time.

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