Webasto thermopro question

Billy Newport

I'm living on my 55 right now which is in the water in jersey city, nj. I was away visiting family over christmas. I have a raspberry pi on my boat running the usual IOT stack (RTL433/Influxdb/telegraf/grafana/vncserver). This PI is connected to a wifi hotspot on the boat for remote access. It captures all NMEA data and temperatures (cheap 433mhz temp/humidity sensors distributed around the boat), room temps, fridge freezer temps, frigobaot compressor temps, engine room temps and so on, stores it in a database and uses grafana to look at data which is super handy to figure out what the hell just happened.

I noticed saturday (logged in to the raspberry from Ohio using vncserver) evening that on Friday at 8pm the temp in the boat started dropping. Heater issue. So I drove 8 hours back to the boat arriving about 4am. I got the heater working again yesterday so we're toasty again.

The heater appears to have no display or even LED that I can see so I can't see why it stopped. Does anyone have a display on theirs or is there a way to do a wifi type situation where it can be checked remotely or restarted remotely?

Billy (55#56)

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