Re: Hardtop for Amel 54

Ann-Sofie, S/Y Lady Annila

Here is our hard top on S/Y Lady Annila, SM 232.

It has been there since 2010 and during 2020 we hade it renovated. On top we have 2 solar panels 364 W each. (And an orher three on the arch)

S/Y Lady Annila
SM 232, 1998

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25/01/2021 kl. 17:36 skrev VICTOR MOLERO <victor.moleroxx@...>:

Congratulations! I love it!
Do you, or anyone, know if the solution is feasible for a Super Maramu 2000? Any idea about the cost?
It's a wonderful improvement, very well thought out.
Thanks for sharing.
SM314 Alendoy

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