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I locked this email thread because it violates posting rules, but I also contacted ACMO with the original poster's complaints about his rigging. The Amel Yacht Owners Group has this posting policy (in part): "Please refrain from criticism of persons or businesses in which you may have experienced unsatisfactory results, because it would be one-sided, without the ability of the other side to respond." I am sure we could argue the validity of this rule, but I believe it is one of the things that separate the Amel Yacht Owners Group from many other similar groups.
Please do not respond to this posting with further negative remarks about ACMO. If you believe that you have an issue with a purchase you made from ACMO, contact ACMO directly. ACMO has been an exceptional resource for many Amel owners. ACMO is the supplier of rigging to Amel and it is unusual that ACMO will deal directly with Amel owners. ACMO makes a quality product and if there is an issue, they have responded professionally.
And, BTW, I find it admirable that privately Laetitia Boudon said to me: 
"In your place, I would not have deleted this gentleman's post but try to help him, thank you, but I find it not the best solution :("

This was ACMO's complete response:
Hello Bill
I thank you for your feedback.
Do you know why the customer did not come to us to ask for help with this problem?

For cables:
It is very important that people understand that during the first months it is necessary to clean the cables with water and mild soap, because during the manufacture grease is used and the cleaning products are more environmentally friendly. When the cable is under tension, a little grease may come out and dust will stick to it! There is therefore appearance of this "rust" color which does not have any! You just have to scrub with a soft brush.

For the turnbuckles:
Do you know the place where the boat is "stowed"? According to my chromeur, the chlorine in the air can cause this problem, so I can change the turnbuckle cages for him.

For the axis:
I have no explanation for the moment. Can you have a photo of the axis side.

Do you think it's a good idea for me to talk to Mr. Mark Barter? I would like this client to contact me.

I will also contact SEANERGIE.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards
Laetitia Boudon



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