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Hi Craig and Mark,

 We were rerigged in Hyeres about 4 years ago, ACMO turn buckles and wire direct from the German manufacturers.

 The wire is fine. The finish on the turnbuckles is undoubtedly inferior to that of the original ACMO ones fitted by Amel when Pen Azen was built 21 years ago.

 I have no doubts about the strength of the turnbuckles but it's a shame that ACMO seem now to skimp on the chrome.

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Kilada, Greece

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Mark Barter's "edited" post about his recently purchased ACMO rigging originally noted seemingly premature rusting of the wires and tarnished turnbuckles that could not be polished. I've had the same experience with my now 10 year old ACMO rigging and now that Mark mentions it, it did start seemingly early on but I dismissed that as normal. The turnbuckles, of course, are chromed bronze, not stainless, and, yes, the finish on mine, too, seemed to become dull quickly (a year or two)  and will not take a polish.

Mark went a bit overboard by stating things in a way that seem disparaging to a "favored" Amel vendor when he said he presumes "substandard stainless steel was used".  I strongly doubt that is the case as ACMO has been the factory supplier for years, but I think his concerns about the cosmetics are legitimate and I share his curiosity as to whether other owners have had similar experience, and/or a remedy.  I do take my favorite muriatic acid to the shrouds now and then and it does a great job of clearing the rust stains, but the turnbuckles remain a bit dingy and do not polish well.

Here's Mark's unedited post (without the pictures he notes). I don't know why but there was a link to this original when I read the post. 
In December 2019 we had our standing rigging replaced by Seanergie in Hyeres.They used ACMO rigging and WDS wire. I have attached some photos taken a week ago. As you will see the rigging is badly tarnished and rusting in places. The bottle screws won't polish. I can only presume that seriously sub standard stainless steel has been used because the guard rails which are 28 years old are still gleaming. Has anybody else experienced this problem with ACMO rigging?--Mark & Nicky BarterS/V NunkySM 110
Cheers, Craig --
SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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