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I do not know, but you can buy it at info"at" They also sell the fan capacitors. You did not say where you are located. I gave you a US source. 

But, let me assure you that 99% of the time the reason that trips is lack of airflow, and almost all of the time the cause is one or more of the fan capacitors is out of spec. You will not notice the reduced airflow. 


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On Sat, Jan 30, 2021, 4:34 AM Steve Bell <stevejb59@...> wrote:
Hi All,
         Can anyone give me the specification for the thermal cut off (thermistor) on the climma ac unit. Our heater is not working and I have ascertained it is the thermal cut off which is faulty, I need to know what temp the one on there cuts off at,  so I can order a new one.


s/v Dusk #378

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