How much Solar?

Billy Newport

I dont know if this has been addressed before but besides an answer of as much as possible, what are peoples experiences? 
My 55 currently has 750W (2 × 375w LG) on the davitts. I am debating bumping this to 3 panels.

I dont have lithium and dont intend to do that ub
Neil my new GELs die, hopefully in 4 or 5 years.

I suspect 750W will be enough in a sunny location at anchor to avoid running the generator most days. Our boat drops from 100% to 70% overnight or about 200aH. So, at anchor, I figure just under 400aH a day or about 5kw. I dont know if that's high or now. Our boat is pretty stock as fitted.
If I'm moving then I will need to run the genset no matter what because of radar, auto pilot etc, I suspect. 
I'd appreciate other people's experience with Amels.

Amel 55#56

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