Re: How much Solar?

Mark McGovern


This thread has some great "real world" solar data in it:  

Pay particular attention to the posts by Scott from Tengah (Amel 54) and Porter of Ibis (also an Amel 54).

To summarize, Tengah has 960 Watts of solar and was able to average ~5400 Wh/day into it's house bank over the course of a month.  Note, Tengah has an LiFePo4 battery bank.  Ibis has a similar size solar array at 945 Watts but it has an AGM battery bank.  Porter doesn't give an exact amount of Wh/day put into his house bank but looking at the image he posted of his solar data, it appears to be less than half the amount that Tengah is able to put in.  The difference is mainly due to the significantly reduced charge acceptance rate of Lead Acid vs LFP batteries at higher SOCs.

So while adding a third solar panel will help, it won't likely eliminate the need for you to run the generator every day.  At least not until you change out your batteries from lead acid to something with a much higher charge acceptance rate at high states of charge.

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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