Re: How much Solar?

Karen Smith


Our usage is pretty consistent, an average of between 200 and 250 W while at anchor, and 325W or a bit more when underway.  This is with two chest freezers, and the front opening galley fridge which are the big usage hogs.  This is separate from the power needed for the water maker or laundry.  We have a smaller battery bank of 464 Amp-hrs, and the typical consumption we see over night is MUCH less than what you are seeing.  Typically, our SOC drops about 15 to 18% overnight, significantly less than 100 Amp-hrs.  Our typical overall usage while at anchor for 24 hours is about 180 to 200 Amp-hrs with about half this amount being supplied by our panels.  All those numbers shift a bit depending on weather and temperature.

Our solar panels rate out at about 630W, and we typically run the generator every other day.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Charleston, SC, USA

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