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Justin Maguire

Has anyone experienced the 50 with the lithium? 

My new 50..  which because of covid I won’t set foot on until April 1 when she arrives in the US... has 800ah of 24v mastervolt lithium (which I could almost not believe). 

I’ve got the new gn-espace induction stove...

She currently has 600watts of solar on the davits, and 575 on the hard top... I could go up to 1000 on the davits by wanted to see if this setup would work before making the davits into a full blown flight deck 🤣

Anyway.. I’m dying to see what the real world usage will be and how often I’ll have to run the gen set... ideally this setup should provide for a very independent and luxurious setup but real world vs. theory are always different...

Anyone out there have the lithium on the 50 (or the 60 for that matter as it’s the same)?

Scott - your numbers make me sooper optimistic...

Aching to see my new baby in person...

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On Feb 1, 2021, at 16:44, Dan Carlson <carlsdan61@...> wrote:

Hello Billy, I just increased my solar to 2 @ 335w panels on a stern arch (670w total). In January in Antigua I'm averaging just under 3kw per day but it is increasing slightly as the days get longer. Location around the island impacts cloud cover! (Currently ranging from 2.5kW to 3.6KW)

We typically consume about 140AH (3.7KW) at anchor. So I have a daily deficit that ranges from 5AH to 40AH. 

I have 400 AH of LiFePo4, so I can now go extended time without running the genset. Basically I run the genset when I want to run the watermaker and then add 30-60amps of charging to load the generator up to about 19-21 amps and add some charge to the batteries.

This is so much better than when I was running the generator daily to keep the batteries charged.

The downside of my new situation is that I used to also keep the water heater hot with the daily generator runs. Now I need to rewire my 230v side so that I can periodically run the water heater from the inverter.

Hope that helps with and additional data point. 

Best regards, Daniel and Lori Carlson on sv BeBe, SM #387

On Mon, Feb 1, 2021, 11:49 AM Billy Newport <billy@...> wrote:
I dont know if this has been addressed before but besides an answer of as much as possible, what are peoples experiences? 
My 55 currently has 750W (2 × 375w LG) on the davitts. I am debating bumping this to 3 panels.

I dont have lithium and dont intend to do that ub
Neil my new GELs die, hopefully in 4 or 5 years.

I suspect 750W will be enough in a sunny location at anchor to avoid running the generator most days. Our boat drops from 100% to 70% overnight or about 200aH. So, at anchor, I figure just under 400aH a day or about 5kw. I dont know if that's high or now. Our boat is pretty stock as fitted.
If I'm moving then I will need to run the genset no matter what because of radar, auto pilot etc, I suspect. 
I'd appreciate other people's experience with Amels.

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