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Lots of good advise from the forum. I might add if you are going to Panama from the east coast you will be better off to skip the Caribbean unless you are going to cruise there awhile. Jimmy Cornell's World cruising routes says its a rough passage from the lesser Antilles to Panama, especially off the coast of Columbia. You will have big following seas and lots of wind. I made the trip 2 years ago by going to Georgetown Bahamas, enjoying the beautiful beach for a few weeks and then a day and a half bash to windward to the Turks and Caicos. From then on to Panama we had the wind on the beam or on the aft quarter, and yes the seas were big. This way is much shorter too. Just make sure you get your easting down before you aim for the Bahamas. Another time I did it I went way east of the Bahamas, through the windward passage and stopped in Jamaica. I then sailed the north coast and then it was beam reaching all the way to Panama. I sure wish this Forum was around when I started sailing.
John "Moon Dog" SM 248

Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 13:20:36 +0000
Subject: [Amel] heading south

Hi all from Danny and Yvonne on SM 299. Have been very interested in this topic. We are in Maine USA now and planning on going to the Caribbean for the winter. Had intended going back to Ft Lauderdale Florida, (our starting point 3 months ago)by early December, leaving her there and flying home to New Zealand for Christmas. Then returning in late January to proceed through the Bahamas to the Caribbean.
However having followed with interest the discussion we are now thinking of joining the 1500 from Hampton Virginia in November. Then we would have to leave the boat some where in the Caribbean from mid December until late January when we return. What is the Carribean destination for the 1500?
Not knowing any one or anything about the Caribbean can you advise a safe (clean) place to leave the boat, in or out of the water. What are the costs for this?

After the Caribbean we are going through the Panama and the Pacific and home to NZ
Looking forward to your advice.
Danny and Yvonne
SM 299

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