Re: How much Solar?

Chantal & Alain sv Makemo

Hello Billy,
we acquired 4 months ago Makemo, Amel 55 nº1 and we are experiencing all the fixtures.
today with one fridge and one freezer, we are consuming about 200Ah/day at the mooring and much more while sailing with everything on. We only have 2x 185w solar panels on our davitts producing in the West Indies between 1.2 and 1.5kwh in January (8am till 5pm more or less).
Therefore we are using the genset everyday min 2.5 h up to 4h.
We are looking for increasing our solar capacity replacing ours panels with 2x 370 or 440w new panels located at the  same place.
it should deliver 2x mini representing 2-3 of our consumption at the mooring.
our batteries are AGM 660Ah (24v).
we would also like to put flexi panels in the hard top but we have not yet identified a good way to put the cables.
Happy to exchange your project when defined.

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