Re: How much Solar?

Paul Osterberg

I just finalizing the installation of a 540 Ah LIFePO4 bank, have discharge att maximum what my Inverter can draw and charged with 100 A, I only notice minor temp increase, more heat from my 4 MPPT regulators. and more heat from the BMS when balancing, but that should be reduced by time. se no need for ventilation. So fare very happy with the LiFePO4 installation.
We had last year 810 W solar panel which gave about 125 Ah a normal sunny day in Portugal. Now I have 1400 w just installed got 70 Ah yesterday a very murky February day, started the solar charger at around 11 o clock. when I arrived at the boat. guess I will easy get 200Ah a day, enough for cocking
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259

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