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I am going to answer your question as though nothing has been changed or modified since your Amel was new. This is the only way anyone without specific knowledge of your Amel can accurately give you an answer.

The reason that removing the connection between A and B worked for you is because I believe that you removed the Climma Calpeda saltwater pump from the Earth circuit. But to be sure that it was the pump removed, I would need to know if the pump was also connected to the Amel bonding system. If it is, then possibly something else is connected to the Amel bonding system that is causing this issue through the bonding connection to the pump. This is a little confusing, but if your Amel is original, the bonding system and Earth are bridged at the original AC saltwater pump...the Bonding wire is connected to the brass one-way valve (see below) which is connected to the metal pump case (see below). Inside the capacitor and wiring junction box on the pump, Earth is connected to the case. In effect at the AC Saltwater Pump, Bonding is connected to the case and Earth is connected to the case, resulting in Bonding connected to Earth. 

Maybe you should take a close look at any change in connections to the bonding system, or any newly added 230v devices. Of course, it could be other issues with original devices deteriorating and causing a ground fault.

Maybe with this information, an electrician can help you.


Below is Amel Bonding wire connected to the brass one-way valve

Below is inside the wiring junction box on the Calpeda Saltwater pump where the Ground wire is connected to the metal case of the pump, bridging Earth and Bonding:
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On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 7:57 PM Peter de Groot <pandmdegroot@...> wrote:
Thank you Bill, Matt and Tom,
Just to clarify, when I refer to plugging into shore power, for this discussion I mean 230VAC 50A shore power in NorthAmerica.  (Yes 60 Hz).  The previous owners converted the Amel cable to feed 2 hot legs and a ground (no neutral).  Again, the previous owners claim (and I believe)were able to run the AC from this power source.

The wire removed was the A to B connection on the diagram

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