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I am betting your ground fault is inside your AC pump caused by a failed mechanical seal and probably the sealed bearings. 


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On Thu, Feb 4, 2021, 8:08 AM Peter de Groot <pandmdegroot@...> wrote:
Greetings all,
The last round of responses have been particularly helpful.  Thank you all.

Update:  Tuesday late afternoon I reconnected the A to B connection started the generator and ran the air conditioning with all 3 Climma units on.  From the sound of the generator engine, it was clear that when the water pump came on, there was a considerable load.  Much more than the heaters or battery charger.  We ran the air conditioning for a while and went below to experience the cooler cabin.  After about 45 minutes of run time, the generator pulled down further and stopped.  I turned off the air conditioning breaker on the 220 panel and restarted the generator, to make sure the generator was OK, which it was.
Yesterday morning, I found the 5 Amp fuse in the Climma relay box was blown. I replaced it but could not get the pump to come on.  I isolated the 3 Climma units and one at a time checked how they were delivering there “go” signal to the relay box.  I found some inconsistencies, and the aft unit (which may have had water damage from rain leaking in through a not completely closed head hatch) both the blue and brown wire went to 226VAC when the unit was turned on.  This is a separate issue which I’ll check out later.
In the process of all this checking, I went through 3 of the 4 spare 5A fuses on board.
Everything seems to be pointing to the pump motor, so before using my last good fuse I’ll isolate the pump motor and go through its internal grounding.  Most likely I’ll be waiting to do this in our next port (Vallarta) There is an electrician there I trust, and the chance of getting a replacement pump motor is better.  Not to mention more fuses.
Starting tomorrow we’re off the boat for a week long excursion inland, so the next post may be in a few weeks.

BTW: the recommended local electrician here had never encountered 220 VAC delivered by one hot and a neutral, so he was on the boat for less than 20 minutes (a mutual decision fortunately)

Thanks again all.  I really appreciate the suggestions.

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