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michael winand

Thanks for your very detailed response, we are very interested in going to a hard top next time we have to replace the bimini.
Michael  Elaine. Nebo 

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Hi Michael

To build a new roof from scratch is probably easier than renovate one. To shape the roof use either polyurethan insulation plates or Divinycell sheets and then laminate with 2-3 layers of epoxi and grp matt.
After that its time to shape the rail which is done using polyurethan insulation plates in small pieces, when the shape is ok, laminate the rail with 1 layer epoxi and grp matt.
Sand the roof and then put on epoxi filler to get a smooth surface, sand. 

Mill lines for cables and lights. Fill the space above the cables to create a smooth surface.

Paint with 2-component paint (International Perfection as one example) primer, 2 layers and sand. 2 or more layers of top paint Perfection.

How long time for this production, probably around 100-200 hours, much depending on the place of work. For us it took far more but much of that was down to the renovation part. 

Hope this will give you a hint of producing one your self.  Feel free to come back if you have any questions.


Den 2021-02-02 kl. 22:34, skrev michael winand via
Thanks for sharing.  Could you please advise on the approximate hours to construct your own?
Thanks, Michael, Nebo sm251 

On Wed, 3 Feb 2021 at 2:53 am, Ann-Sofie
As per request we have made a short film about our cockpit roof on our SuperMaramu S/Y Lady Annila.
Please follow this URL

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