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Although I believe your intentions were genuine, your posting is against our posting policy. I am going to remove this posting. 


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On Fri, Feb 5, 2021, 6:13 AM Alexandre Uster von Baar via <> wrote:

Unfortunately, I NO LONGER can recommend Mr Charpentier. 

It is a bit long to read, but worth it.  

For those who speak French, there is the original transcript.  


SM2K #289 NIKIMAT and SM2K #246 Agapanthe were destroyed during Hurricane Irma (Sept 2017) in Sint Maarten.  

Both vessels were considered by the insurance as “total loss”.   

A total loss means that it is more expensive to repair the boat than its market value.  

Being on the island I took many pictures of Aganpathe which I send them to Rafael (the owner in Chile).

Agapanthe did not sink, (only water intake from broken hatches), was demasted and the hull severely damages.  

I showed the pictures to friends (Amel owner and not) it was obvious the vessel could never be repaired to its original quality.  

As time went by, Rafael and I became friends (fight against the same insurance, etc.) I visited him in Santiago, Chile in 2019 and so on.  

In April 2020 (so 10 months ago), he contacted me saying his boat was for sale in France…. We were stunned.  

I went on Yachtworld, found his boat (same name, showing Hull #246).  

Next day, I decided to contact the broker, play ignorant and ask if that vessel had any damages…. 

By MISTAKE, I contacted the WRONG broker…. I emailed Mr Michel Charpentier.  


Here are the screenshot of the conversation -  starting from the bottom my question:  

Do you know the history of this boat?

Did she had damages (accident, etc.)?

Sincerely, Alexandre

His answer stunned me…. 

No damage, no accident

Boat in good structural condition

A new Genoa would be a good idea, as well as fuller motor maintenance.  

Sincerely MC

I could not believe that a broker I used to trust and recommend could write such reply:

Sorry, I sent to the wrong person (wrong boat).  

Boat destroyed during Hurricane Irma at Anse Marcel, Saint Martin, considered as a wreck by the insurance. 

I would have been surprised you represent such boat… 

Sincerely, Alexandre

His reply:

I visited the boat which is very well repaired.  They used the mats from another Super Maramu who sung, le Nikkimat. 

I would not be afraid to purchase such boat. 

The owner is a professional of boating.

Everything is a question of price. 

My reply

I owned Nikimat.  

I saw Agapanthe, (I am a friend of Raphel, the former owner), at the time I sent the pictures to surveyors/experts (especially the damages on the starboard side)…. The conclusion was that it would never be again an Amel, impossible to obtain a “Certificate of Navigation”, etc.  

The insurance said clearly it was a wreck.  

So even if purchased for 10.000, even if this Mr Philipe had the mast for free… I doubt.  

Personally, I think it is very important that the potential buyers are aware of the damages this boat a plane who had an accident and was repaired.  And the price has to be proportional, which is not the case.  

His reply:

It is obvious that the owner will be informed by the accident.

Obvious that the price will be less.

But it is really well repaired.  

Sincerely Michel.

PS: I was contacted by Rafael.  

What a change of reply from starting with: 

No damage, no accident

Boat in good structural condition

Then when confronted with the reality, admitting he knew very well how Agapanthe was patched taking masts from Nikimat, etc.  

I don’t think he had any intention to ever reveal the boat had an accident.  

They are other people who contacted Mr Charpentier (knowing the full story) and receive similar reply, I hope they share their experience on the forum…. 

Sincerely, Alexandre

Former owner of NIKIMAT. 

Still in Sint Maarten.  

On Friday, February 5, 2021, 05:07:36 AM CST, Trevor Lusty <trevlusty@...> wrote:

Dear Julie,
                I have both purchased and sold a SM through Michel Charpentier and found him to be excellent, extremely knowledge, realistic, and of the highest integrity.
Good luck with your search.
Trevor Lusty

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