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JB Duler

I reached out to Michel Charpentier last year as I was looking for boats in the Med.

He put me in touch with the Encasta folks (I think they bought him out). I was from impressed by the Encasta broker, total waste of time.

Understand brokers, they are salespeople paid on a commission basis.

But some brokers are exceptional (Joel Potter!), and you can figure that out within 5’.

Another value a broker brings is E&O (or errors and omissions) / professional liability insurance coverage. Do not be afraid to get a copy of their certificate of insurance.
On that document I would look at the limit: $1M is a minimum, $2-5M is better (if they sell bigger boats), and the name of the insurance company. Then look up the name of that insurance on AM Best.

Good insurance company (=A rated, enough capital, part of a big company): great

Bad insurance company (= B rating from AM Best, not enough capital, non admitted coverage, some Lloyds syndicates): red flag. Why? They may have had claims in the past, can’t get coverage from a good company, and they fall back on second tier companies.

Good luck!

On Feb 5, 2021, at 03:54, Davi Rozgonyi <davi.rozgonyi@...> wrote:

Michel Charpentier is who put me together with our boat as well. Very very simple, trustworthy, defo look him up. 

John Bernard "JB" Duler
San Francisco
Meltem # 19, Western Med

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