Re: How much Solar?

Paul Osterberg

We did not changed anything in our charging system, I had a 5 year old Victron Multiplus charger/inverter works great with Li, My very old Dolphine charger works great as well. My old alternator had before an external Balmar regulator, the only thing I did was to add a temp sensor for the alternator, must admit still on the hard so have not yet started the engine, but see no reason why it should not work. The BMS opens the field winding, when battery "fully" charged. For solar I have 4 Victron MPPT works great so far
Can now run all 220 v gadgets on my 540 Ah LiFePO4, including AC, and hot-water. The issue of course is how to recharge? We have 1,4 kw of solar and Swi-Tec hydrogenerator. Plan not to use the Onan. Yesterday it was raining most of the day and clouds close to 100% of the time still got in 60 Ah from the 1,1 Kw solar currently active. That is in the beginning of Feb when the sun is very low on the sky. Place Lagos Portugal. Solar is fantastic.
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259

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