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I know that this is hard to believe, but I can remember at least 6 owners who experienced the same thing. I told them the most important thing you can do is be patient. In all of those cases, with all of the things you are doing, they were eventually successful without damaging the bow thruster. In my opinion, this will never happen if the bow thruster is serviced every 2 years and the bow thruster is not in use, it is locked up with the locking pin inserted. 

Were you able to apply a little twisting motion? In the hardest case, it was a very slight twisting motion (back and forth) and some vibration added to the cast iron base of the motor.

The reason the tube is stuck is saltwater entered the joint between the motor base and the tube. Rust on the cast iron base was the result of the saltwater and the rust filled the close fit between the tube and the cast iron motor base causing a very tight fit. The tube and the motor base are not rusted together because the tube is not metal. I understand that the tube is now very tight in the motor base.

Your bow thruster may be irreplaceable. I am not sure, but if not, one day soon that will be the case. It is important to take care of it like everything else I know that you do on your Amel.

I suggest that you walk away from this for a day or two.



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