Re: Bow thruster tube anomaly

Germain Jean-Pierre

Hi Guys,

I have the oldest SM. HULL 007!

I had lots of difficulty removing the foot in 2015. I used lots of WD40 and repeated use of a heat gun. It came loose eventually and is now a cinch to detach as I coat the shaft with high temp silicone grease upon reassembly.  


Good luck

Jean-Pierre Germain, Eleuthera, SM007
Opua, NZ

On 7/02/2021, at 10:27 AM, Juan de Zulueta <jdezulue@...> wrote:

Amel provided me a piece of hard sand paper to avoid the tool to slide on the tube as you can see on the picture I sent before

Juan de Zulueta
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Le 6 févr. 2021 à 17:08, Dave Ritten <daveritten@...> a écrit :

I have had a problem removing a pinch bolt on a motorcycle and was worried that the head of the bolt was getting rounded. One of the suggestions was to put coarse grinding paste on a hex point socket to increase the coefficient of friction. Apparently this works well in cases where a tool is slipping. Maybe worth a try?
Dave Ritten
Prospective SM Owner

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