Re: Bow thruster tube anomaly

Davi Rozgonyi

Hey there, if the shaft was heated that much and didn't separate, what was the solution?

I'm back to using the Amel tool for now. The sandpaper ring does not prevent it from slipping down despite cleaning of the shaft and tool. Other problem is any penetrant I squirt in drips straight out onto the tool. How much torque can I apply to the tool/tube? After damaging it I am leery of putting a pipe on the socket, but I have the tool as tight on as a typical Spanner can torque, held by a 180 lb person in anger.

Any thoughts on this: I have a hydraulic bottle jack. If I put some wood on the floor of the bowthruster locker (on top of the glass cofferdam box in which the foot retracts) and Jack gently up straight on the iron ring on the motor, I won't be touching the fibre shaft at all. Surely this could bust it loose more gently than banging the motor up and down, no? Or use this method to apply a bit more force than the slipping tool and then tap tap tap on the collar or shaft? 

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