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Scott SV Tengah

Thanks Stefan. Do you have the ability to record the total solar amp-hours or kilowatt-hours per day? Your peak output is encouraging but I am wondering how much power it produces in total through the course of a day, which would take into account the shading. Even better would be an average over a month or so.

On Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 3:14 PM Stefan Schaufert <mail@...> wrote:
Hello Scott,
thanks for the flowers.
It took us (my poor wife and me) about 2.5 weeks to finish the surfaces of both roof sections. Now I highly recommend giving this to a professional handyman. It becomes much more economical and the result is more perfect.
For the installation of the plexiglass parts, seals, solar etc. we needed about 1 week.
All full time, so don't ask about our own labor costs ;-).
All external services / work / materials cost around 6 500 EUR - provided you already have the winter enclosure.
"Packing and selling" (I assume you mean "Make it in a serie") does not seem to be an option, or at least very difficult, as the cockpit dimensions of the respective boat have to be taken into account (e.g. for the position of the plywood inserts for connection on the bimini frame).
Now to your questions ;-):
1) Depending on the shadows of the masts and main boom (shrouds don't seem to be a problem) I've seen (without shading) up to 700W in Martinique in May 2020 and now up to 580W in the Bahamas. With shading, of course, significantly less.
2) No mold on the hardtop, but (of course some) dirt under the panels - despite spacers (to get air under the flexible panels and to flush rainwater).

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