Re: Tips appreciated: Major frustration trying to pull cable through Mizzen.

Mark Erdos

I am not sure how using the PL-259 plug would connect the rigging to the bonding system. The rigging is not connected to the boding system and neither is the VHF radio. Am I missing something?



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Mark and Mark,


On our A54 #69, the old RG58 was in fact hard wired to the Banten antenna. The easy solution if you want to do it CP's suggested method is to just cut the old rg58 at the antennaand tape the new cable to the old. Of course once you cut it, you're committed, so you better hope that the tape doesn't come apart! As an aside, I believe Amel chose a one piece antenna/cable combo to keep the mast/riggingisolated from the bonding system as they used to do pre-2009. Once you install a different antenna and put a PL-259 on it (self amalgamating tape and electrical tape it well after installation!), the PL-259 "outer part", via the ground foil, will connect to the case of the VHF and the case of the VHF is bonded. I am fine with that because Amel has decided to do that on all post-2009 Amels. In our case, this change caused the Masse-neg light to glow brightly since we had a neg leak via the bow nav lights that I had previously been unaware of. Just be aware that after going with PL-259 terminated wires, your rigging will be connected to bonding.


For the main, for our VHF cable replacement a bit over a year ago, we did it the way that CP suggested. We used RG8x taped to the old RG58 and we could pull it through, albeit with much effort. Later we tried to use the mousing line to pull through a Cat7 ethernet cable for our masthead mounted wifi antenna. That was not successful and we had to remove the foam bits, which made it 10x easier. 


Mark-Cara: we tried to run LMR400 and it's a very very tight fit and we probably damaged the wire while attempting it; that said, our mast is not horizontal. Also keep in mind that there's RG58 from the base of the mast to the nav station. If you don't replace all of it, you'll have low-loss down the mast and then silly-small RG58 from the mast ot the vhf. Same with our AIS antenna on the mizzen.


When we replaced the mizzen AIS cabling, the same method did not work. The foam bits had rotated and also I think the in-mast conduit is a bit smaller, so no amount of pulling could get the taped combination old/new cable through. You have to remove the pieces of foam.


As Oliver suggested, put the line with the foam bits back. We tried to go without but you could definitely hear the cables banging around. If you break the foam bits, they're just the sealing gaskets for the Goiot portlights. Pretty easy to find online.


Hope this helps.


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In my case, there is no way to attach a new cable to the old cable at the top of the mast.  At least not that is apparent to me.  The original RG58 Cable seems to be "hardwired" to the Banten AIS antenna at the top of the mizzen mast.  It may be different on Cream Puff. 

I can, however, attach a new cable at the base of the mast and pull a new cable up the mast to the top of the mast.  

Fortunately, I have the luxury of having my mast horizontal and 4' off the ground while in the mainland USA in the land of Amazon, West Marine, Defender, etc. to figure out what I will do next.  I am planning to replace both the VHF and AIS with antennas that have a PL259 connection at the base of the antenna and run LMR-400 cables to the VHF and AIS. I will let you know how that goes.

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