Re: Bow thruster tube anomaly


A series of hose clamps below the Amel tool will prevent slippage and spread the clamping load on the tube--I suppose you could use as many as you want.  You could experiement with silicone sealer on the hose clamps as well. Residual sealant could be removed with a plastic scraper.

Once you are ready to reassemble *LanoCote® is my preference for coating the spline of the drive shaft and the receiving cavity of the motor.  It is firmer than grease and proven to prevent corrosion.

Bob Rossi KAIMI SM429

*"Formulated to withstand salt water marine conditions, LanoCote® is particularly useful in preventing thread seizure due to all types of corrosion on boats and machinery. Applied during assembly, LanoCote® will greatly assist in easy dismantling years later. For example, you can coat and lubricate anchor shackles which are regularly immersed in salt water. "

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