Re: Bow thruster tube anomaly

Patrick McAneny

Davi, I can't suggest anything new about getting the shaft free. When I first tried to free it about 14 yrs. ago , my boat was on the hard , I dropped the bow thruster hard about 30 times and it finally broke free. 
However about the scratch on the tube, if  is not too deep ,and no structural weakness incurred , I would just fill the scratch with Interlux Watertite epoxy filler and sand smooth . This product is excellent to fill holes ,dings ,etc. below the waterline . It is waterproof ,dries rock hard , it does take a little effort to sand ,so don't build it up beyond what is necessary. Of course you would want to  degrease the area before applying it.
Good Luck,
SM Shenanigans

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Bill, I got that tool cranked on as tight as humanly possible without resorting to a breaker bar right at the very top of tube, it seems to be holding, no sandpaper (it fits tighter). I'm going to keep this up for a few days.

If no luck, I was considering removing the tool, and building a cofferdam directly under the cast iron using plastic wrap, zip ties, duct tape, whatever wax sealant etc. Then I can empty a half can of penetrant and it will make a pool of the stuff an inch above the joint, leaving that for a few days and trying the tool again. Like putting a bag of vinegar on a shower head. Sound good?

I would tremendously appreciate any advice though on if a good fibreglass guy could repair the gouge in the tube later. It is not all the way through thank goodness. Is that the way to repair it? 

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