Re: Hardtop for Amel 54

Scott SV Tengah


This is exactly the data I was looking for - thank you.

So my math shows:

- Davit mounted (rigid?) panels produce about 33% more than surface mounted flexible panels. Makes sense since the hardtop mounted ones get hotter and/or are shaded more often.
- Comparing just davit mounted panels to davit mounted panels, lithium seems to result in the MPPT being able to put out almost twice the monthly cumulative power per watt of installed solar. That's pretty consistent with theory and what I saw when I compared my Victron output to another A54 who has a similar amount of installed solar in a similar location, with our only differences being lithium vs. agm.

I am guessing that you're wiring the hardtop mounted panels in serial. If you're bored and have nothing else to fix (hehe), I'd be curious what would happen to monthly solar output if you wired the flexible panels in parallel, which is theoretically more shade tolerant. That could make a big difference since your mizzen mast / main boom is probably shading one side or the other almost all day. Of course, you probably have to do a serial-parallel connection since I recall the flexible panels are usually 12v?

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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