Rigging Bonding and newer 316 stainless steel


Rigging connection to bonding:
I was told that with the introduction of the A-54, the rigging, masts, and life rail were purposely or accidentally connected to the bonding system. Many of you know that this is not true with the SM. So, for some reason, a change was made with the introduction of the 54. Possibly this answers Mark Erdos' question.

Some completely anecdotal information on Amel stainless steel: 
I noticed more visible rusting of the rigging wire and life rails on the 54 than on the SM. I cannot say that this is connected to the bonding change. It could be the known change in stainless steel 316 quality. As the price of Molybdenum has increased and the availability decreased, I suspect that stainless steel manufacturers have decreased the amount of Molybdenum from around 5% in the 80s and 90s to much less today. As far as I know, there is no worldwide standard for the minimum amount of Molybdenum in 316 stainless steel and almost all of it is mined in the Americas, making it more difficult to acquire for European and Asian stainless steel manufacturers. There is probably a nasty secret that only some stainless steel manufacturing insiders know about this story. One more thing that we have no control over.

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Take a look at the photos posted earlier in this thread - the foam bits are attached to a separate line. Not connected to the coax itself.

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