Where best to locate Raymarine Evolution Autopilot EV-1 Sensor Core on Santorin

Grant Starling

Hi All,

Upgrading my old Autohelm 6000 for a Raymarine Evolution Autopilot on my Santorin.  The existing fluxgate compass from the Autohelm sits behind the port-side sofa backrest in the salon - within a niche.

Raymarine suggest keeping the EV-1 sensor core as central as possible on the boat but the current location of my fluxgate compass is quite a way off centre-line to port.  It is in a really good place in terms of avoiding electrical interference - but not central as recommended by Raymarine.

Questions:  Has anyone installed an EV-1 in that location?  Are there better alternatives I could consider?

The other less important issue I have is having to mount the new ACU-200 vertically - to reduce the risk of water ingress into the circuitry is what I understand to be the key driver.  My old autohelm ACU is mounted horizontally in the bulkhead above the galley sink, so I intend to mount the new ACU-200 in the same position and orientation - anyone done this?

Thanks all...


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