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Those panels are what I was looking at, but they are significantly more expensive than the 110w ones! Around 3x the cost, if I remember right.

Anyways, I am no electrical engineer but I thought that the series connection across all 4 of your panels would definitely produce more output in perfect conditions due to the higher voltage. But theoretically parallel (or serial-parallel in the case of your 12v panels) should be more shade tolerant and have a smaller reduction in power output when one panel is shaded. Only way to test it is to compare for a longer period than a few hours - say a month :) Anyways, I'm very jealous of your hardtop and the panels on top of it.

We thought we had enough power but we keep finding more ways to use the power. :) We have used the scuba compressor a lot over the last few months so it'd be great if we could add more solar. If I do that, I'm sure I'll find another use for the amps-hours!

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the panels are 4 x SUNPOWER SPR-E-FLEX-170, 12V each. 
I am happy with them.


I tried both possibilities before I made the final wiring.  Amazingly (but maybe I should have waited significantly longer than 4 hours) the series connection (all panels) brought a significantly higher yield (amperes for charging). The serial-parallel connection has to be better theoretically, but was not.
I do not know why this is not like usual.

At least you do not need any more panels in this life ;-) on Tengah.

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