SM gelcoat color match

Thomas Kleman

We've been frustrated on our SM by the inability to match the color that the original gelcoat (Renault Panda White ?) has faded into, after 17 years. So, as small things like hatch latches chip and break, the repair ends up bothering me because Ive had trouble matching the color as it has faded. Even boatyard masters of gelcoat color matching have been foiled by our Amel.

This week I've been lucky and found an almost exact match (at least for our boat). Autozone sells an automotive/trim accessory paint that hits the bullseye for us. "Wimbledon White", a Ford color (BFM0041-M9A). Supposedly good for fiberglass also. We will see.

Obviously I'd prefer to use gelcoat but these dings are thankfully small and someday when I find the perfect gelcoat match I can reassess. But I thought I'd broadcast our finding in the event someone finds it useful.

Tom and Kirstin
SM2K 422

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