Re: Tips appreciated: Major frustration trying to pull cable through Mizzen.


I had the same problem.  I wanted to install a new antenna for my AIS at the top of the mizzen to get it away from the VHF antenna.  We couldn't pull the new cable from either end as it got stuck at the spreaders. I couldn't do top a new messenger from the top or get a long tape to go past the spreaders. There were two messenger lines, and we tried both from both ends.  It was frustrating that the messengers came out on the starboard side below the level of the opening between the stbd and port sides, then had to go up a few cm before coming back down a bit to exit at the lower (stbd) mizzen access panel.  No way to get a good pull from below or help feed from below.

I had added an wifi extender and a cellphone extender a couple years ago, and both antennae were mounted on the mizzen spreaders. Neither one seemed to improve wifi signal or cell phone signal significantly, so I removed both antennae, and pulled out their cables. I couldn't tell where the line with the foam pieces was, so assumed it had broken and fallen down into the mast.  I didn't remove the radar cable which exited the mast at the spreaders.  We pulled a new strong messenger down using one of the old ones from the starboard side and it got stuck at about the spreaders again.  We pulled from the bottom with a lot of force and finally got a wad of knotted line out from below. There were no foam pieces to be found.  After that the new antenna cable passed easily from above.
A new messenger was placed using a 1/2 inch nut as a weight, without interference.

When it warms up again, I'll pull another line through with foam pieces attached.  Does anyone know:
what kind of foam was used, or 
how big the pieces are, or
How they are attached to the line?

Kent & Iris
SM 243

Kent & Iris

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