Re: Tips appreciated: Major frustration trying to pull cable through Mizzen.

Scott SV Tengah


As mentioned on my earlier response, the foam bits are cut pieces of the seal for the Goiot port lights. At least the ones on the 54. I seem to recall they were 3cm long each, attached with a simple overhand knot every 1.5m on the line, if I remember right.

BTW - at the risk of thread drift, I'll touch on the wifi antenna. We first had it on our arch and while in Hawaii, we noticed the wifi signal would change dramatically depending on how we rotated with respect to the land based access point that was around 0.6nm away. Made no sense to me that speed/latency increased dramatically as we rotated...until I learned how radio waves transmit and the concept of the Fresnel Zone as it relates to RF signals. Summary is that: RF signals on my omnidirectional antenna extend out in a cone, with the narrowness depending on antenna gain and if 60% of the cone is blocked, signal drops dramatically. Turns out in our case, the solar panels were blocking a significant proportion of that cone if we rotated the wrong way, hence the significant drop in speed and dramatic increase in jitter.

I first moved it to the spreader. The mast had the same effect, albeit reduced. Now it's on the main masthead with a long Cat7 cable down to a router in the boat. We have been connected to access points a mile away and have fast enough speeds and low enough latency/jitter to both stream video and have zoom calls. Downside is that with our 8db antenna, if you're right next to the access point, the mast mounted antenna may not see the AP. But if we're next to it, I just connect to the AP directly with my laptop.

2007 A54 #69
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