Re: Volvo D3 110 Sea Water Pump - Cover seal

Scott SV Tengah

Yup, I replaced my Volvo pump with a JMP. They claim the parts are interchangeable so I may get around to trying to rebuild the leaking Volvo one if I get bored. Given that the repair kit isn't much cheaper than the pump, I will probably just replace the whole pump if it ever leaks again. You are right about the pump on the D3 having two different iterations - the mounting holes changed. If anyone wants the iteration that fits on a D3-110C, I can try to dig up the order.

As an aside, the mounting metal "washer" on ours had to be cut off in order to align the JMP with the serpentine belt. Easy with a Dremel.

For our 11kw Onan, it's almost certainly a Sherwood water pump. It was weeping a tiny bit and I replaced it before leaving Hawaii last fall, just in case. 

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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