Re: Amel 54 masthead tricolour light

Scott SV Tengah

Is this a problem with the regular incandescent bulbs that have been used in these fixtures for time eternal? I was just being double belts-and-suspenders by bending the tabs and adding silicone grease, but I haven't heard of many other Amel with intermittent bulb issues on the masthead? I considered replacing the fixture with a full LED one but (1) it's over 20x the cost of a bulb (2) I was trying to minimize the work involved at the masthead. :)

For our combo Aqua Signal bow nav light, I have to say it was a poor choice by Amel. It's not even IP67 rated - I think it's only rated for dust, not water ingress. A completely different design than the masthead fixture. On hard upwind legs, water kept getting in and damaging the bulb. We greased the little foam seal, even tried sealing it with Sikaflex 295UV, everything. I ended up going for a sealed unit from Marinebeam that fits the custom stainless mount that Amel welded on for the OEM Aqua Signal. It was 20% of the cost of an equivalent Aqua Signal and after a 2900nm upwind sail (not my favorite passage of all time), the bow light is still functioning perfectly.

The masthead LED bulb has lasted 15,000 nm with no issues. That includes the 2900nm upwind sail and a near direct hit by TS Dorian.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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