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We all agree it is daft that the 12v alternator is located directly below the raw water pump. It is a question of when not if it starts to leek as the lip seal eventually wears a groove in the shaft, but we are where we are.
The good news is that it will start to drip very slowly. So I stuff a clean rag below the pump and regularly inspect it for salt crystals. If the rag is dark in colour the salt shows up, otherwise one can taste it for salt. When the dripping starts the rag will absorb the water and dry from the heat of the engine before any damage is done. This is the moment to service or change the pump. If you ignore the drips then sure enough it will end up getting worse and damaging the alternator.  By the way, getting that alternator off is bloody business literally.

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Can a drip shield be fabricated to keep seawater off the alternator?

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I had a leaking D3 seawater pump. Unfortunately I discovered it too late. The seawater was already dropping on the Alternater and demaged the alternator (it's stupid from Volvo to position the alternator directly under the seawater pump!).

The cause was a worn shaft in the sea water pump. I had to replace both: seawaterpump and alternator! My mechanic suggestet not to do the shaft repair, but to install an new one. 

So be carefull: If it's the shaft, it will ultimately ruin the alternater if not changed. The alternator was much more expensive than the pump...

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