Onan hi temp. cut-out switch

william reynolds

Having read about about the failure of Onan hi-temp. cut-out switches I thought I should check my switch.
I removed it, connected it to an ohm meter and heated it until it 'snapped'. The switched snapped at 230 F as advertised but no contact was made.
I inspected the connections and found some movement between the connection post and the switch. The 90 degree connection at the switch is riveted on and there was movement where the rivet made connection with the switch. Both connections could be moved. I drilled out the rivets, cleaned everything to copper and replaced the connections with #3 machine screws and nuts. Switch now tested good. I had a removed spare and on this one I cleaned it with a Dremel copper brush and soldered the rivet to the switch connector. It now works normally. Cost - less than a dollar.
I'm amazed at the price of a new switch. White-Rogers has a complete line of hi temp. snap switches with an average price of $12.00 US. Go figure

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