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Hi Mark I have use them ,Bill,  for eight years for my total circumnavigation
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Do you remember if the underwriter was Great Lakes Insurance SE? Did The Marine Shop help in any way to obtain a new policy?



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We used The Marine Shop when we were in NZ and gave them our 2-year forward-looking plan including our destinations after departing NZ which included Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, etc. When we paid the premium everything was fine. About 6 months later when we were in Malaysia, the underwriter changed their mind about covering us for our previously disclosed route and we had to scramble to get insurance and a survey for insurance. To this day, I am not sure who dropped the ball, but I know that we were 100% straight forward in our disclosures. Possibly ours was an unusual case...I do not know. I believe that contractually they had the right to do this to us, but under the circumstances, we were disappointed because we never expected this.




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Hi Mark


I’m using them


My email is johnhayes862@... 


Can’t see your personal email maybe you would like to email me direct



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I recently received a quote from The Marine Shop Ltd (New Zealand) for primary coverage of our Amel. It is underwritten 100% by Great Lakes Insurance SE who has an A+ rating on Ambest.


I am wondering if anyone has any experiences to share about either of these companies. In order to comply with group rules, it you wish to send me a private email, please do.


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