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For 6 years ago I replaced the membrane by a VITON membrane (Viton is a wonderful material) .

You  can buy if all round the world .... many shops for industrial hydraulic can cut it (I do that by myself)...

no problem after 6 years ... it's better than the original




Le 13/02/2021 à 14:51, VICTOR MOLERO a écrit :

Hello all.
My old AMFA bilge water pump broke the membrane and I haven't been able to find a replacement. Can anyone recomend where to find them? In case I don't, I will have to buy a new pump (which may not be a bad idea considering the age of the old one), so is there a brand and model that you recomend? I've seen Vetus, Jabsco, Johnson, but I really don't know which will be better or if there's any real difference between them... How many littres per minute do you recommend? Any other consideration that I should be aware of before buying the new pump?
Thanks in advance.
SM314 Alendoy

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