Re: BILGE WATER PUMP #replacement

Ross Hickey & Donna Hammond

Hi Giovanni,

Another option you may consider is the TF Marine bilge pump we purchased from TF Marine in May last year. TF Marine has now been taken over by Gianeschi.

I have attached photos of the pump. 

Kind regards
Ross and Donna
SV Intrepid Kiwi
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On Sunday, February 14, 2021, 1:01 pm, Giovanni TESTA <giovannitesta53@...> wrote:

Hi Alan,
may I have please a photo of the position/installation connections ?
many thanks
Giovanni Testa
sv Eutikia SM 428

Il 13/02/2021 23:33, Alan Leslie ha scritto:
Hi Victor,

Our AMFA pump fell to bits years ago
I replaced it with a Johnson Viking 32 pump

The pumps and spare parts are available everywhere.
It is a very good pump.


Elyse SM437

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