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Mark Erdos

I just re-upped with Topsail. It was Y-Yacht policy and then was purchased last year by Topsail. They honored the OCC (Ocean Cruising Club) discount and we have a good policy with cyclone coverage in the South Pacific if we remain at Tahiti or east of 150 during the cyclone season. The underwriter changed but the policy is still underwritten by an A+ company per by Ambest.


During the time I was waiting for the new policy, I checked with The Marine Shop Ltd. In New Zealand bases on a neighbors recommendation. The offering they sent me was identical to the policy offered by Topsail with the same underwriter. They were willing to allow a change even though the last survey of our vessel is very old.


If you are unfamiliar with Topsail (UK), they are the go to insurance company for OCC members. The Marine Shop also has a good reputation among the cruising crowd.


My rate went down considerably since we will be only in French Polynesia this next period.



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I was curious is there was any updates ragarding the AMEL group insurance initiative discussed during one of the ZOOM meetings several months ago. Any headway on that issue at all?


Rick & Meadow

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