Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] electrolysis on jib furling gearbox? [1 Attachment]

Arno Luijten

Hi Scott,

There are a number of things that can cause galvanic corrosion. Typically a poor grounding system in the marina can be a cause. But there can also be a DC component on the AC power. That is exceptional though.

Amels bonding system is connected to the shore power earth wire via the A/C systems and the watermaker 230V motor so there is that.
There are quite a few marinas that use these steel plates at one more sides of the marina. Quite often these are protected with a galvanic potential to save them from corrosion. This can lead to problems on a boat. I’m not so sure if the threshold voltage of the Victron device will offer enough protection. Also there can be boats next to you with poorly designed shore power systems. Again, I’m not sure if the threshold voltage is sufficient.

So in short, I don’t know if the Victron device will provide enough protection. It may be a good solution for some cases. For sure it is much cheaper and easier to install.
When I read about the device I was not convinced and because of that I did go for the full separation of the shore power. Also because the shore power in this marina is a mess. We are most of the time in this marina as we are residents of St Maarten.
Maybe just for fun I should measure the difference between the shore power earth and the boat’s earth.

To the lazarette: Ours was leaking badly as well, but this was because of the poorly fitted twistlocks as well as worn out O-rings inside the twist locks. Another cause was the pot where the middle stanchion normally resides. Amel made a poor choice here to simply drill a hole and put the pot in with some bolts and caulking. However the core of the deck at that place is balsa. That and the forces exhibited by the stanchion makes that after a while you will get water ingress. In my case the balsa core was rotting in a ring around the hole. So I removed the wet core for the biggest part. Then I left it drying in the hot sun we have here for a few days. Finally I filled the cavity with epoxy and redrilled the bolt holes. Since then the lazarette is dry, even with extensive green water over deck. 

SV Luna,

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