Re: Forward Looking Sonar

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

Hello Nick,

This video shows the placement of the transducer, from the outside while Aquarius was on the hard, and video from the inside of Aquarius.   You need to build up the fiberglass where you plan to install the transducer.  Should not be difficult, and fairly cheap.  Then drill and install the through hole.  I would install the display in the same location as on Aquarius.  This was installed before I bought Aquarius, so I can not take credit,  but I have found the placement of the display perfect!  Running the transducer cable through the boat take about 1 hour with two people.  Had to do this because I hit a log in Columbia and this cracked my transducer.   I felt blind without my EchoPilot.

Some have said that the forward looking sonar is worthless because you can't see more than a boat length in less than 4 meters of water.    When I have 4 meters of water under Aquarius, I can see out about 40 meters.  When it gets really shallow, 2.5M, I can usually see about 30 meters.  And this information is priceless in those situations.  And for those Amel Owners that want to go 6 knots in 2.5 meters of water....  Buy a boat that is better suited for this task..  A    Beneteau.  Sorry Beneteau owners, but there are so many Beneteau's, 1 missing won't be a big deal.  We have a very limited amount of Amel's and we need to keep our fleet safe and sound.

Ken Powers
Aquarius SM2K#262

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