Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] electrolysis on jib furling gearbox? [1 Attachment]


We use the Shoresafe galvanic insulator and it is mounted in the engine room just before the automatic shorepower/generator switch (do not connect after this point because the ground connection of that switch is connected to everything that is 220 and it is not switched.

The Shoresafe product is 1)relatively inexpensive  2)has extra reserve amperage capacity and high quality 3)has an external monitor that indicates both AC and DC leakage and 4)the company will respond quickly and thoroughly to issues or questions.  If you read their material you will see that it is well thought out.  Once we started using the product our zinc usage decline dramatically.

The external monitor can be mounted on the side of the "white 220v box" so you can immediately check for a leak when connecting to shore power (vs having to go into the engine room).

Bob,  KAIMI SM429

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