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Kathy has SM2k drapery which is a cotton print with an expected life of 10-12 years. That cotton print is no longer available because cotton prints have a design lifetime of 1-2 years, then replaced with something new by the manufacturer. The cotton print was preceded¬†with a Woven Draylon Velvet which will likely last 100 years.ūüėÄ

Karen is correct. Making these draperies is very straightforward and I believe almost anyone with a simple sewing machine can make them. Use UV Blackout liner fabric.

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The face fabric for the curtains on our SM Harmonie are the original synthetic velour-like upholstery fabric that Amel used throughout the interior.  The curtains are a very simple construction of fabric inside, with a UV proof lining facing the window hemmed around the edges.  After 25 years of sun exposure several of the linings had disintegrated.  We simply ripped the seams along the edges and replaced it.  Looks like new.

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